Of Tools and Tool Boxes

One of the first mention of tools in historic documents is found in the Bible.  Here we read of a man named Tubalcain who taught men how to make tools, Genesis 4:22. Tools are named throughout the whole Bible: The rod for measuring, the axe for chopping, the plow for farming, the hammer for building, and etc. Over time, as civilization expanded, additional tools were invented and fine-tuned.

Fast forward to the industrial revolution, and we see that not only mass production and building burgeoned, resulting in the need for construction, repairs, and etc, but now also more and more tools were needed. And how to carry those tools conveniently? Tool kits and tool bags were the answer.

Now, step into the age of the invention of the motorized vehicles. No more hauling tool boxes around by hand. The new invention of four wheels that ran on a motor and that conveniently carried contractors, electricians, and construction workers from place to place could also conveniently carry their tools.

Kodiak Technology understands and appreciates the convenience of a good truck tool box for electricians, mechanics and general contractors. We have developed and designed Truck Tool Boxes for the hardworking man who desires a robust, waterproof, and organized tool box.  Please check out our  Top Side Tool Boxes and Aero Boxes, and give us a call so we can help you achieve your goals!

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